Opt for a special souvenir as a way of keeping your loved one memory alive. We strongly recommend you choose a personalized funeral bookmark that you can distribute individually or along with the funeral booklet. Select one of our templates or create your own design. It will be printed in full color, on a beautiful finish.


Janice Samson
John Elliott
Jacqueline Smith
Catherine Norma Steghouse
Josie Elizabeth Samson pionies
Mary Phillips
Janet Smith
Margaret Sampson
Geoffrey Brown
Josie Samson
Josie Elizabeth Samson
Mark Brown
Beth Jacqui Jones

What to include in the funeral bookmark:

  • A short title, such as: “In the loving memory of John Elliot”
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • A recent picture of your loved one: you can use a rectangle, square or a round shape. Choose a smiling picture if you want to make it memorable.
  • You can write a few words about the deceased, a Bible verse or a short poem
  • On the back, you can only include a poem or a song’s lyrics which is representative for the deceased.
Don’t forget: the purpose of the funeral bookmark is to honor and commemorate the deceased person.