How to create a booklet

You can easily ‘Order a Funeral Booklet Online’ using the following procedure:

Choose your design:

The first step to ordering Memorial Service Booklets online is choosing the design and layout for your booklet. Farewell Services has a whole inventory of booklet and bookmark templates that you can choose from and if call us we can help customise your own designs if you like.

Customise your booklet:

The next step is to customise the content of your booklet according to your requirements. Each booklet is the standard A5 size and usually, contains 4, 8 or 12 pages. Along with a photograph of your choice, you can select what details you want to put on the front page such as the name, date of birth, date of death and of the loved one along with the time and place for the funeral. Similarly, you can customise the content of the other pages which could include a poem or song, the order of service for the funeral, and messages from the loved ones of the deceased.
We offer a library of hymns, prayers, quotes help you choose your content from.

Place your order:

Once you’re done editing the booklet, you will have a final preview to go through where you can see what the end product will look like after printing. All you have to do is give the final approval and place your order.

Deliver or Pickup

Farewell Services offers delivery as quick as within 48 hours across most of Australia. Your order will normally be dispatched the next business day from placing your order
Aust post or a courier will deliver the booklets the next day between 9:00 AM and 5:50 PM. Deliveries on the weekend can be arranged, please call us to organise this service

We also offer pickup from 160 locations around Australia via the Snap printing group, you can nominate your pickup loaction when you place your order.

Benefits of Ordering a Memorial Booklet Online

An online memorial booklet service gives you the liberty to customise the booklet yourself according to your requirements. You can add whatever text you want, use photographs of your choice, select poems and stories yourself and edit the order of service wherever necessary.

At Farewell Services, you have your own personal account so you can sign in whenever you want. There is no limit to how many booklets you create and you can also select how many copies of the booklet you want. The best part is that you can go back and edit the booklet whenever you want until you are fully satisfied.

Ordering a memorial booklet online ensures zero hassle and quick delivery. Everything will be in your control and available at the click of a button. Payments will be made online using Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

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