Easy funeral arrangements for hard times

From making the first call to announce the sad event to choosing the coffin or the casket, planning a funeral is never easy. You need to grieve, to take care of each detail of the event and most of all, to be strong enough to comfort your loved ones. This is why we prepared for you a short guide with all the funeral arrangements you need to take care of, so you can focus more on your soul than on your wallet.

Steps in the funeral planning process

1. Notify authorities, family, and friends

When someone dies, the first step you need to make is to contact authorities, family, and friends. You will need to provide specific information, such as the name of the person who passed away, address, time of death, the location of the body, your relationship with the deceased etc.

Depending on each case, you may need to provide extra information or to make some extra calls. You can call a local funeral director to guide you if there’s a special case and you have no idea where to start from.
  • Local law enforcement
  • A medical examiner
  • Family members
  • Legal representatives
  • Funeral director

2. Transfer the deceased to a funeral home

It may be necessary to first move the deceased to a local funeral home, and then to another city for the burial and the ceremony. The funeral home you will collaborate with will guide you through the whole process.

3. Determine if the deceased owns a pre-paid funeral plan

In this case, the plan contains information about the funeral services provider and the arrangements that the deceased paid in advance for. The plan may include or not the funeral director’s guidance.

4. Next funeral arrangements: services & the cemetery plot

The easiest way to go is to meet with the funeral director and make the arrangements. You will need to choose the form of disposition – burial or cremation -, the ceremony type etc. The director will also help you obtain all the needed documents and make the arrangements for buying a cemetery plot if needed.

5. Purchase the necessary goods

Depending on the form of disposition and the existence of a ceremony, you will need to buy some of the following products: a casket or a coffin, a burial vault, an urn, a grave marker etc. You will also need clothes for the deceased.

Another important component is the funeral stationery. Their role is to comfort the family and friends, but also to commemorate the deceased. Depending on your preferences, you may need memorial booklets, register books, “thank you” cards, funeral bookmarks, prayer cards etc.

Let Farewell Services assist you with the stationery
An easy way to take care of this is to use our templates and personalize them with your own copy, pictures and design. Your family can login and take a look at the templates before sending them to the print. You can choose express delivery within 24-48 hours or pick them up from one of our 160 locations.

6. Take care of all the administrative matters

After the funeral, all the administrative matters of the deceased needs to be resolved. First, you can start by calling or emailing everyone that expressed gratitude with donations or any kind of assistance. Here’s what you need to take care of next:
  • Hire an estate planning attorney to guide you through estate proceeding
  • Pay all the bills of the deceased
  • Claim benefits from insurance companies
  • Change all the common held accounts, loans, investments etc.
  • Manage the digital legacy: deactivate accounts or change ownership
  • Send notifications of death to organizations the deceased was part of or any services contracted by him/her.
We hope this list gives you a better perspective of the funeral arrangements you need to make during these hard times.

Be strong!

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