How to design a customised funeral order of service?

Organising a loved one's funeral after they pass away can be a difficult activity, especially when you're in the midst of grief.

From calling friends and relatives to locating legal documents, there are so many practical things to think about - and that's before the stress of the funeral has been factored in as well.

To help make this tough process a little easier, our online funeral order of service and remembrance stationery creation tool is designed to help you create a cost-effective booklet from a range of designs.

In this post, we will take a look at how you can create a customised and beautiful funeral order of service which will help give your loved one the send-off they deserve.

1. Design and aesthetic

When crafting a funeral program, it's important to make sure that the colour schemes you go for match both the venue and the life of the person you are celebrating. Our range of basic and premium options includes lots of suitable tones, including simple black and white as well as yellows and deep blues.

In addition to uploading and resizing a photograph of your loved one, adding a graphic is also easy. Why not consider inserting a small symbol like a dove or a flower, for example, to the booklet, or a religious symbol for a traditional service?

What's more, our booklets are all designed on quality A5 paper with a 250gsm (grams per square metre) rating - and if your booklet has more than four pages, it will be centre-stapled as part of our service to ensure it does not fall apart.

2. Content: words and images

Every loved one we lose was unique, and that's why creating a bespoke order of service funeral booklet with the words, poetry and hymns they loved is a touching and fitting way to pay tribute to them.

Including a favourite poem on the front of the service booklet is a good way to create an atmosphere of calm reflection inside the funeral venue. Some families, meanwhile, choose to honour their loved ones with a quote which reflects the way they lived their lives. Whatever you choose to add, our tool makes it simple to do.

Are you looking for funeral stationery, funeral bookmarks or memorial stationery which you can customise to your own tastes and preferences? Here at Farewell Services, our online tool can help you design a funeral order of service which suits your needs.

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