What is the cremation process?

The cremation is one of the subjects most people don’t talk about until they need to. If you read this, you are probably weighing up the 2 alternatives: cremation versus burial. In order to bring more clarity, we created this guide with all the information you need to know about the cremation process.

What exactly is cremation?

The cremation serves as an alternative to the traditional burial. The body is placed in a special container and is incinerated until it is reduced to basic chemical compounds: ashes, gases, and minerals. The funeral ceremony can take place either before or after the cremation. The cremation process is performed into a crematorium and it’s fueled by gas or propane. It reaches temperatures of +1000 °C.

The cremation process

First of all, there are certain objects that must be removed from the body, prior to the cremation: pacemakers, radioactive implants etc. At the crematorium, the specialists make sure they are removing the objects that can’t be cremated, such as jewellery. They place the body into a container or they wrap it into a shroud.

They preheat the cremation chamber and when the optimum temperature is achieved, the body is moved there manually or automatically, depending on the crematorium’s facilities. The body is reduced to fragments in 2-3 hours. After the cooling process, the specialists are examining the ashes. The bone fragments are placed into a cremulator, which transforms the remains into a “ashes”. Most of the crematoriums have a room from which the family can witness the cremation.

What are the advantages of cremation?

  • It can cost less than a burial
  • It saves space since the cemeteries are so crowded nowadays
  • The process itself it’s easier
  • It’s more environmentally friendly
  • You can keep the ashes and easily move them from one place to another

What are the disadvantages of cremation?

  • Some religions are against the cremation process
  • It’s a permanent decision
  • The ashes can get lost

Choosing the way of disposal is a very personal decision. The best way to approach this is to consult with the family if the deceased didn’t leave instructions on this matter. Consider the pros for each option and choose the one that better fits your beliefs and needs.

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