The truth about prepaid funerals

Is the prepaid funeral a good idea? Maybe planning your own funeral can be hard, but it gives you some advantages, especially if you put a price on the financial safety of your loved ones. Let’s see what the pros and cons of choosing a prepaid funeral are.

The advantages of prepaid funerals

1. You guarantee your cemetery plot or mausoleum space
A prepaid funeral is a good idea if the resting place is important for you, especially when you want to make sure you will be buried next to your loved ones.

2. You ease the financial burden for your family
A funeral can cost around $4.000 to $15.000, depending on how elaborate it is. By pre-planning everything, you will protect your family from unexpected expenses. If you don’t have a life insurance, this is a good reason to plan your funeral in advance.

3. You benefit in case you will need government services
If you are thinking about applying one day for nursing home care services, it will come in handy. Pre-paid funeral expenses don’t count against applicant’s estate when calculating the financial eligibility.

4. You have a final say on everything
You can opt for a plan which allows you to choose your burial plot, urn, casket, facilities or various alternative services. You can rest assured that everything is taken care of, exactly as you want it to be.

5. It will cost you less
Since most of the contracts are paid in advance, the inflation or eventual price increases will not affect you. Moreover, it will be easier to pay it in time, than for all the services at once.

The disadvantages of prepaid funerals

1. Risk of loss or scam
As each business, the ones that are offering prepaid funerals can be subject to financial issues. If the funeral home you collaborate with goes bankrupt, there’s a chance for you to lose the invested money. Be careful when you sign the contract and make sure it stipulates what will happen in this case.

2. Blocking savings you might need in the future
If you are in a comfortable financial situation, the prepaid funeral is a perfect choice for you. If not, you will block savings you might need for unforeseen situations: health emergencies, home repairs etc.

3. Being locked into a specific area
Most of the funeral plans require to choose a funeral home to be specified in the contract. So, if your plans change and you need to move to a different city, the prepaid plan may no longer be valid in the new area.

4. Paying agency fees
Check with attention all the services included in the contract, and how much will the agency fees cost you. You don’t want your family to have the surprise of finding out that a large proportion of your prepaid funeral consists of company fees and they still need to pay for part of the services.

5. The contract may not encounter expectations
Sometimes, there are certain stipulations in the contract that you should be careful about. Check what will happen if the payment installments will not be completed, or your account will not meet maturity when your family will need it.

Depending on the services and the agency you choose to collaborate with, a prepaid funeral can turn out to be a good or a bad idea. So, make sure you take a good decision. Moreover, contract a package that suits your family needs and your final wishes.

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