9 examples of beautifully designed memorial card templates

When it comes time to say goodbye to a loved one, it’s hard to know how to move on. So we find that giving funeral goers a keepsake such as a memorial card to take away from the service can help their memory to live on. A memorial card template makes choosing a design at this difficult time that bit easier, so here are nine designs to inspire you:

1. Traditional (Traditional template)

A traditional memorial card is ideal for any age and features a harmony of your loved one’s photograph set against an elegant floral background. Your beloved’s name will take centre stage, usually in a classical script, alongside their birth and passing dates.

2. Formal celebration (Premium 1 template)

Ideal for older individuals, a more formal design typically features a bold Gothic border with plenty of room for a full-colour photograph and a meaningful symbol or quotation, perhaps with a religious significance.

3. Classic approach (Premium 2 template)

A little more casual and modern than the traditional and formal styles, this works for any age or gender. With a fine art deco style double border, create a sense of nostalgia and sympathy, while still leaving plenty of room for a portrait photograph. Standard and sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica, as well as light images and colour palettes, complement the style.

4. An air of distinction (Basic 1 template)

Add gravitas to a memorial card by choosing a template in monochrome with a modern and refined design. This fuss-free style works well across sexes and ages and is ideal to celebrate artistic and academic personalities. A fuss-free design means emphasis can be placed on a passage from a favourite text or simply their name.

5. Elegance in simplicity (Premium 4 template)

For an elegant style, adopt a borderless design that has a lot of white space. This is ideal if you have both portrait and landscape images that you’d like to use as it frees up more room. Keep the elegant theme with a simple, serif typeface like Times and a more elaborate cursive script to emphasise their name.

6. Background over image (Traditional 3 template)

For those who shunned the limelight, why not opt for a full-coverage background instead of a photograph? This could be a bright and inspiring floral or landscape image which gives service goers something positive and uplifting to take away with them.

7. Bold and modern (Traditional 2 template)

If your loved one passed away before their time, a design with a modern theme can encapsulate their vibrant, youthful personality. Perhaps emphasise a favourite childhood photograph or family portrait with an accompanying quote in sans-serif font, such as their favourite song lyric or catchphrase. A faint image in the background won’t detract from the main photograph but can add subtle colour and positivity.

8. Celebrate their personality (Premium 3 template)

Perhaps your loved one was passionate about a cause or held a particular worldview that endeared them to others? Your memorial card is the ideal place to celebrate this, accenting their image and name with an inspirational quote and life-affirming symbol.

9. Fuss-free (Premium 4 template)

If your loved one had a fuss-free approach to life, then a pared back, modern borderless design and sans-serif font are ideal. Choose images of them with friends and family to accompany a stand-out piece of prose or verse that lets you celebrate the impact they had on all who remember them.

A memorial card is an ideal way for family and friends to commemorate a life, even after the funeral. Whatever design you have in mind, a template gives you a general guide and enables you to customise any aspect, from font to images and background to border design.

Explore our range of memorial cards templates at Farewell Services and find something that truly speaks of your loved one.

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